ESTS Annual Meeting Committee The Hague 2020

Disclosures The Hague 2020 Program Committee


The next meeting of The Hague 2020 Committee meeting will be held:

Friday 7 February 2020 and Saturday 8 February 2020  - The Hague



Committee Roster

MemberOfficeTerm of Office
Enrico Ruffini President 2019-2020
Alessandro Brunelli Secretary General 2019-2020
Isabelle Opitz Treasurer 2019-2020
Gaetano Rocco Editor 2019-2020
Hasan Batirel Director 2019-2020
Pierre-Emmanuel Falcoz Director 2019-2020
Konstantinos Papagiannopoulos Director 2019-2020
Marco Scarci Director 2019-2020
Wouter Barendregt Member 2019-2020
Masayuki Chida Member 2019-2020
Lunxu Liu Member 2019-2020
Hermien Schreurs Member 2019-2020
Willem-Hans Steup Member 2019-2020
Fernando Vannucci Member 2019-2020

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