Chest Wall Surgery Course 

European Surgical Institute, Hamburg, Germany

25 - 27 September 2017

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Faculty for September 2017:

Gilbert Massard, Strasbourg, France
Kostas Papagiannopoulos, Leeds, UK


This is the third course on Chest Wall Surgery organised by ESTS in the Skills Track High Technology programme to complement the existing courses: theoretical course in Czech Republic, Medical Writing, Statistics and Methodology courses, and a practical skill course in Copenhagen, Denmark. This course includes an international faculty with interactive seminars and video presentations with focused hands on exposure to teach each consultant and advanced trainee under the supervision of expert tutors. The hands-on simulation activities are offered at levels to accommodate all participants.

The two day interactive presentations and hands-on simulation experience to ensure knowledge of the fundamental principles chest wall surgery covering chest wall deformities, chest wall resection and reconstruction in oncology and sternal problems, chest wall trauma.