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This section contains ESTS learning material, and links to other sites that relate to thoracic surgery.  Please see below a list of all content. Some material is restricted to certain groups, for example those attending a particular meeting or event.

Some links in this section are to external resources which we believe may be of interest to our members, but which are not produced or endorsed by ESTS.  The ESTS is not responsible for content hosted on external sites.

Robotic thymectomy for myasthenia graves  22 June 2015

Dr Santelmo and colleagues at the University Hospital of Strasbourg demonstrate their technique for robotic thymectomy in myaesthenia on the ESTS YouTube channel.    View in more detail

VAMLA in left upper lobe adenocarcinoma  22 June 2015

Watch Dr Gunda Leschber of the Berlin Chest Hospital undertake VAMLA for a left upper lobe cancer on the new ESTS video channel   View in more detail

Link to Dr Todd Demmy's atlas of thoracoscopic lobectomy  20 July 2013

Dr Todd Demmy of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY has published a video atlas of techniques in thoracoscopic lobectomy online.  It can be viewed here. View in more detail

VATS ligation of the thoracic duct  27 February 2013

Video of thoracocscopic thoracic duct ligation, Dr Joel Dunning, Middlesborough UK View in more detail

VATS lobectomy and chest wall resection  27 February 2013

Video of a combined VATS lobectomy and chest wall resection, Dr Diego Gonzales-Rivas View in more detail



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