Webinars 2020_2021

Webinars 2019_2020

Monday 14 December 2020
Online Debate

Squamous Cell Esophageal Cancer
Definitive chemoradiation vs Surgical resection

Prof Karin Haustermans, Belgium - Radiation Oncology
Prof Xavier Benoit D'Journo, France  - Surgery

Monday 16 November 2020
Role of Neoadjuvant and Adjuvant Treatments for Thymomas

Prof Frank Detterbeck, New Haven, USA

Monday 12 October 2020
Multidisciplinary Case Discussion on Lung Cancer
Dr Jozsef Furak, Szeged, Hungary
Prof Solange Peters, Lausanne, Switzerland
Prof Esther Troost, Dresden, Germany


Thursday 7 May 2020
ESTS - Industry Satellite Webinar
Use of Energy Devices on Pulmonary Vasculature
Dr Moishe Liberman, Montreal Canada
Sponsored by Ethicon

Monday 18 May 2020
Non-Primary Lung Malignancies: indications for surgical treatment of lung metastases

Prof Ugo Pastorino, Milan, Italy

Wednesday 22 April 2020
COVID-19 Update on current practice - ESTS Survey
and lessons learnt from our Chinese colleagues
Niccolo Daddi, Lanjun Zhang, Junfeng Liu and Yuming Zhu


Monday 20 April 2020
Chest Wall Deformities: Do we need personalized management strategies?

Prof Mustafa Yuksel, Istanbul, Turkey

Monday 16 March 2020
Perioperative management - ERAS after lung resections

Mr Tim Batchelor, Bristol, UK
Sponsored by Medtronic

Monday 17 February 2020
Pleural Disease: Management of Malignant Pleural Effusions

Prof Clemens Aigner, Essen, Germany

Monday 20 January 2020
Benign Lung Disease: surgical indications and techniques for TB

Prof Piotr Yablonskii, St Petersburg, Russia
Time: 18:00 hours CET

Monday 16 December 2019
ERAS for Esophagectomy
Prof Donald Low, Seattle, US
Time: 18:00 hours CET

Monday 18 November 2019

Dr Marcin Zielinski, Zakopane, Poland
Time: 18:00 hours CET

Monday 21 October 2019
Early Lung Cancer

Genetics and Radiology: Impact in the diagnosis and management of Ground Glass
Opacities(GGO's )
Dr Chang Hyun Kang, Seoul, S Korea
Time: 18:00 hours CET

Monday 20 May 2019
Role of Simulation in Thoracic Surgery Education

Prof Rene Petersen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Time:  18:00 hours CET
Sponsored by Medtronic

Wednesday 24 April 2019
Perioperative Management: Safety protocols in the OR

Dr Nuria Novoa, Salamanca, Spain
Time: 18:00 hours CET


Monday 18 March 2019
Pleura: Outcomes of Pleurectomy/Decortication in MPM

Dr Servet Bolukbas, Essen, Germany
Time:  18:00 hours CET

Monday 18 February 2019
Benign Lung Disease: Surgical treatment of emphysema

Professor Walter Weder, Zurich, Switzerland
Time:  18:00 hours CET
Sponsored by Medtronic

Monday 21 January 2019
How to  Streamline Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy

Professor Zhigang Li, Shanghai, China
Time:  18:00 hours CET

Monday 17 December 2018
Surgical Treatment of Locally Advanced Thymoma

Professor Enrico Ruffini, Torino, Italy
Time:  18:00 hours CET
Sponsored by Medela

Monday 19 November 2018
Sublobar Resections: Indications and Techniques

Professor Dominique Gossot, Paris, France
Time:  18:00 hours CET

Thursday 9 November 2017
ERAS in Thoracic Surgery - State of the Art
Faculty:  Jalal Assouad, Tim Batchelor, Francis Bonnet, Rene Petersen
Time: 19:30 - 21:00 hours CET
Please Click Here for the Replay of the Webinar




Thursday 26 October 2017
ESTS Patient Centered Working Group
"Increasing safety to improve patient's outcomes"
Authors:    Gianluca Casali, Nuria Novoa, Cecilia Pompili
Faculty:     Gianluca Casali, Jean-Marc Baste, Gareth Lock, Ian Hunt, Willem-Hans Steup, Kaj Kamalanathan, Mat Molineux
Time:  21:00 - 22:30 hours CET