ESTS School Scholarships 2018

Application for Scholarships for Skill Track Course and Knowledge Track now open
Closing date Friday 1 December 2017

Applications Closed
Scholarship Information

ESTS has initiated scholarships for its School courses to promote and support education in thoracic surgery for trainees in thoracic surgery or thoracic surgeons who have finished their training programme. Three Skill Track scholarships will be provided for the ‘Elancourt in Copenhagen’ course being held on 8-9 February 2018 and five scholarships for the Knowledge Track 'Antalya Revisted in Prague', Czech Republic 19 - 24 March 2018.


This educational grants are opened to everybody; however, some rules are to be used in selection of the applications. The following criteria will have priority in the selection:

From “low-middle income” countries in Europe according to the World Bank ranking system.
Predominant practice in General Thoracic Surgery.
Age under 35 years.
Trainees who have completed the first 48 months of their training programme.
Surgeons who are within the first 2 years of independent practice.
ESTS member.
This grant includes:

Free registration to the School course.
Attending all the scientific and social activities.
All School material (published course information).
Free accommodation (with breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the course.
This grant does not include:

Travel expenses.
Optional social events.
Applications will be reviewed after the closing date and no priority is given to selection based on the date of submitting the application.

ESTS Research Fellowship 2017 - Biology Club


Surgical practice is characterized by the continuous improvement of existing methods as well as the establishment of new techniques. To keep up with this ever changing and evolving field of our specialty, we are forced to constantly expand our knowledge. But studying takes time and is a difficult process to incorporate into the busy every day schedule with our commitment to patients’ care.

So the aim of the Biology Club of the European Society of Thoracic Surgeons is to give a comprehensive insight into the basic biology of the diseases we are treating in addition to providing an overview of recent developments/techniques within the field. With a deeper understanding we might be able to bring the clinical problem from bedside to bench – a mission that cannot be accomplished by the pure scientist. This input is important for research, because the relevant problems are identified at the bedside. Furthermore the Biology Club offers an exchange platform and promotes collaborative research projects by gathering sponsoring for short term scholarships and fellowships up to one month duration

This year 2017, the ESTS Biology Club summarizes for the ESTS members interesting topics about lung transplantation.

As an additional highlight, the Biology Club offers in conjunction with the Division of Thoracic Surgery of University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland (Head: Prof. Dr. Walter Weder, ESTS past-President) the possibility for ESTS junior members to apply for

ESTS Zurich Fellowship

This year’s fellowship program allows young scientists and clinicians to visit Zurich for a research project in the field of oncology (lung cancer, mesothelioma), lung transplantation or emphysema.


ESTS junior members can apply  by sending in their application to until the 1 June 2017


We are looking forward to receive your applications
Isabelle Opitz
Gaetano Rocco
Thorsten Walles

ESTS Zurich Research Fellowship
A research fellowship is offered to young scientists and clinicians to visit the Division of Thoracic Surgery; University Hospital Zurich, Head Professor Dr. Walter Weder, with the aim of learning or getting an insight into a research concept or technique not available in the home unit. The home unit should benefit from the research training when the applicant returns, by leading to research developments and activities back onsite. It may offer the opportunity of additional clinical training.

Grant amounts
10.000,- EUR
includes salary and project costs; travel expenses will be reimbursed (maximum 500 EUR)

Eligibility criteria
Postdoctoral candidate (M.D. in training for thoracic surgery)
Upper age limit 40
Adequate skills in a English or German
Applicant must be member of ESTS
On completion of the Fellowship, applicant must return to Home Unit to apply the acquired skills; appropriate facilities, resources and funds at the Home Unit must be available
The program is open to both European and non-European based candidates to apply.

Application process
The applications will be reviewed by the Biology Club members (Isabelle Opitz, Gaetano Rocco, and Thorsten Walles), Walter Weder and the Director of Education Gilbert Massard 

The applicant must submit a defined project along with his/her CV and bibliography. For the fellowship additional documents from the candidate’s Unit and a supporting letter from the home Unit are needed. The research project submitted can be in the field of LVRS for emphysema surgery (clinical project), oncology (mesothelioma – lung cancer – clinical or translational project) or transplantation research (EVLP – clinical / experimental project, or pulmonary hypertension). Staff members will supervise the project in respect to their expertise.

A statement of the candidate’s Educational Supervisor should confirm that facilities, funds, and resources will be made possible upon the fellows return.

Selection process
The candidate will be chosen by the Biology Club (Isabelle Opitz, Gaetano Rocco, and Thorsten Walles), Gilbert Massard and Walter Weder based on the originality and feasibility of the project . The benefit of the project to the candidate’s career and Home Institution and the added value to research are equally assessed.

Results of the projects are encouraged to be published in the European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery. Fellowship applicants are expected to write a final report as well as a financial report.

Applications to be sent by Thursday 1 June 2017
Sue Hesford, Executive Director, ESTS


ESTS Research Scholarship 2016:  Biology Club
Life Science Laboratories of the Wuerzburg University Hospital, Germany
Awarded to:  Max Lacour, Zurich/CH
Research:     Lung Organoids from Primary Respiratory Cells for the Study of Lung Development and Regeneration


Scholarships 2017

Itinerant Expert Courses 6 and 7 April 2017

  • Robotic Lobectomy, Milan, Italy

  • Robotic Thymectomy, Berlin, Germany

Applications Closed - Friday 25 November 2016

Applicants are expected to be informed by 31 December 2016


Previous Scholarships Awarded 2008 - 2016