3rd International Symposium on Bronchoscopic and Surgical Treatment of Emphysema

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Date:    1 February 2019
Venue:  University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

Honorary Guest: Joel D Cooper in celebration of his 80th birthday


Main Topics

• Bronchoscopic treatment of emphysema – Which technique should be applied now and what is coming in the future?
• Lung volume reduction surgery – NETT and beyond. How to implement a new program
• Management of complications
• The emphysema board – Case discussions
• Treatment algorithm – is there a balanced view?

Pallav Shah, London; UK | Walter Weder, Zurich; CH

Honorary Guest
Joel D. Cooper, Philadelphia; US

Experts & Speakers
International Faculty

Gerard J. Criner, Philadelphia; USA
Mark E. Ginsburg, New York; USA
Felix Herth, Heidelberg; DE
Simon Jordan, London; UK
Eugenio Pompeo, Rome; IT
Pallav Shah, London; UK
Dirk Jan Slebos, Groningen; NL
Eva van Rikxoort, Groningen; NL
Arschang Valipour, Vienna; AT
Dirk van Raemdonck, Leuven; BE
David Waller, London; UK

Local Faculty
Claudio Caviezel, Zurich; CH
Christian Clarenbach, Zurich; CH
Daniel Franzen, Zurich; CH
Thomas Frauenfelder, Zurich; CH
Isabelle Opitz, Zurich; CH
Gilles Straub, Zurich; CH
Walter Weder, Zurich; CH






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