Joining or Renewing Your ESTS Membership in 2014

You can apply to join the ESTS by downloading and returning the application form.  

Applications received from 1 April 2014 will be put forward for formal ratification at the General Assembly at the 23rd European Conference on General Thoracic Surgery in Lisbon 2015.

Provisional new members are entitled to the benefits of membership

To renew your membership, click here and select the appropriate option.


Some benefits of membership...

European Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery (on-line access and mailed monthly)

Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery (on-line access and mailed monthly)

Reduced registration to ESTS Annual Meeting

Membership of the ESTS Thoracic Surgery Database   


Which membership rate will I pay?

Membership fees for 2014 are set at three levels according to the average per capita income in their country.  There are special rates available for trainee surgeons, and members of our partner organisations.

We use current World Bank figures (downloadable below) to classify countries as high, medium and low income. 

World Bank figures 2013 

World Bank figures 2012 - for Membership payments 2013 

World Bank figures 2013 - for Membership payments 2014

        World Bank figures 2014 - for Membership payments 2015


Country Search

ESTS membership rates are set at three levels, by the country in which members practice.  Please check the relevant World Bank figures above to be sure of paying the correct fee.  If your country is not listed please contact us for more details on memberships in your country.


Country Classification Changes for 2014

The World Bank has made the following changes to country classifications between 2013 and 2014;

Moved from middle to high- Latvia, Lithuania and the Russian Federation.

Moved from high to middle- Hungary

Moved from low to middle- Albania

All 2014 Membership Options

2014 active membership- high income country €230.00
2014 active membership for members in World Bank...
2014 Active Membership- middle income country €150.00
2014 active membership for members in World Bank...
2014 Active Membership- low income countries €50.00
2014 active membership for members in World Bank...
2014 Dual membership rate for ERS members €200.00
Dual memebership is open to pulmonologists /...
2014 Reduced fee for EACTS junior members €50.00
This membership is open to existing juniot...
2014 Reduced fee for EACTS members €115.00
This membership category is available to existing...
2014 Reduced fee for existing members of STS €200.00
This membership category is open to existing...
2014 Trainee Membership €50.00
2014 membership for accredited trainee...