10/10/2019 Hosting Requirements: ESTS Annual Meetings 2022 and 2023
Applications for hosting the 30th (2022) and 31st (2023) ESTS Annual Meetings are open.  Please review the eligibility criteria and application documents.  Deadline for submission: 20 December 2019 Submit...

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Anterior approach to station 7 at left upper lobectomy
An operative video demonstrating the anteior approach to... View resource

Resection of a pulmonary artery sarcoma
Chang Hyun Kang and colleagues from the Seoul National... View resource

ESTS Event Spotlight

4th Vienna-ESTS Laryngotracheal Course
3 Jan - 7 Mar 2020

Vienna, Austria  5 - 7 March 2020 Registration open
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Dublin 2019

27th European Conference on General Thoracic Surgery, 9 June – 12 June 2019

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Webinar: ERAS for Esophagectomy
Online Expert: Prof Donald Low, Seattle, USA
Monday 16 December 2019
18:00 hours CET

4th Vienna-ESTS Laryngotracheal Course
5 - 7 March 2020
Vienna, Austria

ESTS School of Thoracic Surgery - Knowledge Track Course
16 - 21 March 2020
Prague, Czech Republic
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Joint ESTS/ERS Course on Thoracic Oncology:
Pleura, mediastinum and rare tumours
6 - 8 April 2020
Hamburg, Germany
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MI Esophagectomy and Anastomosis Course
16 -17 April 2020
Istanbul, Turkey
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VATS Lobectomy Beginner-Intermediate Course
7 - 8 May 2020
Hamburg, Germany
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ESTS Safe Surgery Check Lists

The ESTS Quality of Life and Patient Safety Committee, following the guidance of the WHO program "Safety Surgery Saves Lives" has elaborated a safety check list specific for thoracic procedures.  

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