15/10/2020 ESTS Database Annual Report: Silver Book 2020
The ESTS Database Annual Report: Silver Book 2020 is now available. Please Click Here

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Anterior approach to station 7 at left upper lobectomy
An operative video demonstrating the anteior approach to... View resource

Resection of a pulmonary artery sarcoma
Chang Hyun Kang and colleagues from the Seoul National... View resource

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ELCC Virtual Congress 2021
25 - 27 Mar 2021

  Save the Date !  The European Lung Cancer Virtual Congress (ELCC 2021 Virtual) is a collaborative effort of the most important multidisciplinary societies...
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Dublin 2019

27th European Conference on General Thoracic Surgery, 9 June – 12 June 2019

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Squamous Cell Esophageal Cancer
Definitive chemoradiation vs Surgical resection

Monday 14 December 2020
18:00 hours CET
Online Debate:

Prof Karin Haustermans - Radiation Oncology
Prof Xavier Benoit D'Journo - Surgery

COVID-19 ESTS Survey

Results of the ESTS online survey on COVID-19 pandemic and impact on thoracic oncologic surgical activity
snapshot period 15 - 22 April 2020


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Note:  ESTS and President Enrico Ruffini, Secretary General Alessandro Brunelli are not sending emails requesting money due to COVID-19.  It is a scam.  Please be careful and do not respond to these emails or any other similar email without checking: 


ESTS Safe Surgery Check Lists

The ESTS Quality of Life and Patient Safety Committee, following the guidance of the WHO program "Safety Surgery Saves Lives" has elaborated a safety check list specific for thoracic procedures.  

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