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ESTS Textbook - The new generation educational platform in the field of thoracic surgery


If you need any technical support with the multimedia version, please contact ests.textbook.support@mp.pl

It is the first textbook of thoracic surgery designed and edited not by a publishing company, but by a scientific society devoted to the dissemination of the evidence-based approach to surgery and to the education of thoracic surgeons. The value of this fact cannot be overemphasised, as scientific societies have the most comprehensive knowledge of the changing standards of education and contemporary requirements of examination boards.

Although conceived by the European Society of Thoracic Surgeons, it is a truly world textbook. ESTS has invited the leading experts in particular fields of thoracic surgery to prepare detailed descriptions of the contemporary state of the art in this field.

Over 340 authors representing 29 countries from all 6 continents prepared 109 chapters presenting all aspects of general thoracic surgery, including oesophageal surgery, transplantation and trauma. The ESTS Textbook can be therefore considered the world’s common educational platform in thoracic surgery.

The ESTS Textbook combines a descriptive part with an atlas of surgical technique, prepared by renowned experts in their fields. The ‘technical’ part of the textbook consists of detailed presentations of the 104 most commonly performed procedures in general thoracic surgery. From the basic techniques, such as thoracic incisions and chest tube insertion, to the most complex and technically demanding procedures, the textbook provides an excellent resource for trainees and a reference for experienced surgeons.

Perhaps the most important feature of this textbook is its multimedia character. It has been prepared in two versions: a traditional printed textbook and a multimedia version.

The latter includes the same content as the printed version, but has been enriched with over 120 videos showing details of diagnostic procedures and surgical techniques, additional illustrations, vocabulary and searching tools.

The textbook is installed on the user’s computer, whether PC or Mac, so it can be used regardless of internet connection.
Using it is simple: the chapter of interest is chosen from the side panel showing the table of contents, and it appears on the screen in the same form as in the printed textbook. The text can be scrolled down in order to read the whole chapter.

The illustrations will be available free of charge for all registered users of the Textbook. You will be able to download and re-use them for any non-commercial purpose, such as teaching, lectures and presentations. So, with the ESTS Textbook, you will receive a large set of educational materials in a ready-to-use form (this utility will be available with the second volume of the Textbook).

Videos embedded in the text are marked with the ‘DVD’ symbol. Simply clicking on them displays the whole video, which can be scrolled, paused or rewound.

As with the illustrations, the videos can also be downloaded and used for educational purposes.

Web-based technology has enabled the editors to overcome the most important drawback of traditional, large textbooks: the fact that they are often out of date from the very day of publication. The multimedia version of the ESTS Textbook, installed on the user’s computer, will be constantly updated. Any time important guidelines or evidence is published, they will be introduced to the textbook and the update will be available for users. That is to say, the multimedia version will constantly remain up-to-date.

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