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The ESTS Women in General Thoracic Surgery Committee is a joint effort from female leaders across different countries and cultures to dedicate, encourage, enable and inspire women to fulfil their surgical career ambitions.
Being a European Organisation, we are aware that the experiences in developing a thoracic surgical career may be completely different and difficult to compare.  For this reason, we would like to bring together various role models at different stages of their careers to be an example for all the membership.  We would also like to formally develop mentorship programmes and networking amongst peers.

This Committee is open to all of the membership and seeks an active participation from ESTS members.  If you want to be involved as a Mentor or participate in the initiatives falling within the WGTS remit, please email:

Cecilia Pompili, ESTS Women in General Thoracic Surgery or 
Sue Hesford,    Executive Director

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Twitter:  # EWGTS

ESTS Women in General Thoracic Surgery (@ests_womenThor) Twitter
The latest Tweets from ESTS Women in General Thoracic Surgery.  Supporting, encouraging and inspiring Women in Thoracic Surgery and providing educational and mentorship opportunities across Europe.

Name Location Country Member Type
Mara Antonoff Houston USA Active member
Cangir Ayten Ankara Turkey Active member
Shanda Blackmon Rochester USA Active member
Monica Casiraghi Milano Italy Active member
Stephen Cassivi Rochester USA Active member
Karishma Chandarana Leicester UK Trainee member
Rita Costa Porto Portugal Trainee member
Jasmin Dei-Anang Wiesbaden Germany Active member
Liesbeth Desender Ghent Belgium Active member
Romy Glenz Szeged Hungary Trainee member
Sarah Hamdi Les Plessis Robinson France Active member
Yanina Jansen Brussels Belgium Active member
Sule Karadayi Adana Turkey Active member
Aki Kobayashi Osaka Japan Active member
Toni Lerut Leuven Belgium Honorary member
Elisa Meacci Rome Italy Active member
Vanessa Menezes Toronto Canada Active member
Maria Nizami Athens Greece Trainee member
Samina Park Seoul Korea Active member
Ilaria Potenza Ferrara Italy Trainee member
Madhuri Rao Minneapolis USA Active member
Sara Riccardi Pisa Italy Active member
Maria Rodriguez Madrid Spain Active member
Laura Romero Vielva Barcelona Spain Active member
Romina Rosch Heidelberg Germany Active member
Lisa Schulte Vienna Austria Trainee member
Marianna Soares Sao Paulo Brazil Active member
Laura Socci Sheffield UK Active member
Srirangaptna Srikrishna Bangalore India Active member
Willem Hans Steup The Hague The Netherlands Active member
Alice Taskova Prague Czech Republic Active member
Maria Teresa Tsukazan Porto Alegre Brazil Active member
Katrin Welcker Monchengladbach Germany Active member
Demet Yaldiz Izmir Turkey Active member