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The ESTS Fit2Perfom Working Group has prepared a questionnaire to evaluate your current situation regarding well-being. This survey is especially relevant after the recent publication of the Royal College of Surgeons of England report identifying key challenges facing surgical teams, among other objectives. This report reveals that less than 50% of surgeons are happy in their positions due to burnout and stressful environments. 

A diversity of questions will provide information about demographics, current working conditions, stress level, weekly activity, psychological well-being, etc. 

This is an important survey as it will present a picture of the situation in different countries and will discover the situation of the trainees. Results will be presented at the annual meeting in Barcelona May 2024 during the Fit2Perform session.



Thoracic surgeons are frequently contacted to evaluate rib fractures and blunt and penetrating chest trauma patients. However, the role of the thoracic surgeon is by no means clearly defined in this area. Indeed, the management of thoracic trauma is frequently non operative with a particular need for multi-disciplinary working.  When surgical intervention is required, such as rib fracture stabilization, this may not be undertaken by thoracic surgeons.

The ESTS has designed this survey to better understand the situation in respect of thoracic surgical involvement in thoracic trauma across our membership.

The prevalence of primary focal hyperhidrosis varies from 0.072% to 16.3%, according to the literature, interestingly, only 51% of sufferers have discussed their condition with healthcare providers.  As many as 61% of affected individuals do not think hyperhidrosis is a medical condition, whereas 47% believe that no one can do anything to treat their condition.
As an ESTS member, we would like to ask you to participate in this survey to investigate the current clinical practice concerning thoracic sympathetic surgery among ESTS members

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