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Dear ESTS Member
We would like to ask you to participate in this online survey to investigate the current training in General Thoracic Surgery across Europe and has two main objectives: to evaluate the current training situation and compare it to a previous evaluation performed in 2010.
All the questions in this survey relate exclusively to your opinions and practices. According to the system's estimation, this 45-question survey will take less than 25 minutes.
This survey is divided into demographic data (questions 1 to 23), state-of-the-art information (questions 24 to 38), future perspectives (questions 38 to 45), and final comments. The last question is a co-authorship data request. If you complete this questionnaire in all parts, you will allow the ESTS Society to understand the past and present, and together we can pave the way for the future of our specialty.
Your contribution is essential, and your effort in completing the survey in all parts requested can be part of OUR future projects.

Please Click Here to Access the Survey

Nuria Novoa
Director of Education on behalf of the ESTS Learning Affairs Committee




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