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Thoracic surgeons are frequently contacted to evaluate rib fractures and blunt and penetrating chest trauma patients. However, the role of the thoracic surgeon is by no means clearly defined in this area. Indeed, the management of thoracic trauma is frequently non operative with a particular need for multi-disciplinary working.  When surgical intervention is required, such as rib fracture stabilization, this may not be undertaken by thoracic surgeons.
The ESTS has designed this survey to better understand the situation in respect of thoracic surgical involvement in thoracic trauma across our membership.  For any queries relating to the questionnaire or thoracic trauma please contact Michael Gooseman
( ) on behalf of the ESTS thoracic trauma working group.
This questionnaire is designed in 28 questions, and will take maximum 10 minutes of your time.

Please Click Here to Access the Survey
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