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Register for Webinar 25 April 2024: Fighting Inequities in CT Surgery

Thursday 25 April 2024,  8 am CST (GMT-6) Moderators: Stephanie Worrell and Maria Teresa Tsukazan Panelists: Cherie Erkman, Shanda Blackmon,... Read more

Monday 22 April: Register for the ESTS-BMS Webinar: Lung Cancer Surgery after Neoadjuvant Chemo-Immunotherapy

Please Click Here to Register Monday 22 April 2024 18:00 hours CET Case Based Video Presentations:  Isabelle Opitz, Zurich,... Read more

Register for Webinar 23 March 2024: Women as Leaders in CT Surgery: How to Get There

Saturday 23 March, 8 am CST (GMT-6) Moderators: Yolonda Colson and Jennifer Romano Panelists: Jessica Donington, Nuria Novoa, Isabelle Opitz,... Read more

Register for ESTS Barcelona, Spain - Deadline for Reduced Early Registration 15 March 2024

Please Click Here to Register for the 32nd European Conference on General Thoracic Surgery 26 - 28 May 2024, Barcelona, Spain "Barcelona 2024 -... Read more

ESTS BARCELONA 2024 - Call for abstracts for Breaking Clinical Trials – submit from 1 March 2024

Abstract submission for Breaking Clinical Trials opens from Friday 1 March - Sunday 24 March, 23:59 hours CET Please click here for Submission... Read more

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