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At the outpatient clinic

If your doctor has recommended surgery to treat your condition, you may experience multiple doubts we want to attempt answering, but remember, this information will not substitute the one provided by your designated surgeon.

Remember at the initial outpatient clinic visit to:

  • Ask your doctor and the nurses all the doubts you have, they will be willing to solve them. To avoid forgetting any important question, it is a good idea to prepare the questions and write them in advance.

  • Inform them of all medication you are taking (especially anticoagulant and antiplatelet agents) and make sure they address the need to stop them

  •  Normally, during your preoperative visit you will be provided with the date of the surgery or the estimated waiting time. If not, ask your doctor.

  •  Another important issue about admission is when this is going to happen because your preparation will be slightly different depending on the admission day.

You can be admitted:

Preoperative preperation

ERAS is a treatment program based on the best available medical science. The ERAS® Society is a not for profit medical society with international experts in surgery, anaesthesia, nursing, and all other health care professionals working bedside with patients. The society publishes and updates the guidelines for best care for a series of surgical operations. For further information related to ERAS, please click here.

Recently, preoperative preparation is being standardized by means of new protocols. Ask your doctor about this possibility. For more information see:

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