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Prizes and Awards


The Brompton Prize is offered for the best Thoracic presentation by an ESTS member at the Brompton Session, and comes courtesy of the Trustees of the Fund chaired by Mr Peter Goldstraw.  It is an annual Prize instituted at the 8th European Conference on General Thoracic Surgery held in London in November 2000. 

Candidates for the Prize must:

  • Be the first author of the paper
  • Present unpublished work not previously presented at a major (national or international)
  • scientific meeting
  • Be a member of ESTS

Past Brompton Prize winners:

  • 2000: Dirk Van Raemdonck, Leuven (Belgium)
  • 2001: Bernward Passlick, Freiburg (Germany)
  • 2002: Thorsten Kruger, Lausanne (Switzerland)
  • 2003: Didier Lardinois, Zurich (Switzerland)
  • 2004: Federico Venuta, Rome (Italy)
  • 2005: Masahiro Tsuboi, Tokyo (Japan)
  • 2006: Tamas Szoke, Szeged (Hungary)
  • 2007: Isabelle Opitz, Zurich (Switzerland)
  • 2008: Elena Fernandez, Madrid (Spain)
  • 2009: Xavier D’Journo, Marseille (France)
  • 2010: Nuria Novoa, Salamanca (Spain)
  • 2011: Michele Salati, Ancona (Italy)
  • 2012; Alessandro Brunelli, Ancona (Italy)
  • 2013: Philippe Nafteux, Leuven (Belgium)
  • 2014: Hiroshi Date, Kyoto (Japan)
  • 2015: Janet Edwards, Calgary (Canada)
  • 2016: Wolfram Karenovics, Geneva (Switzerland)
  • 2017: Sai Yendamuri, Buffalo (US)
  • 2018: Meinoshin Okumura, Osaka, (Japan)
  • 2019: Toyofumi Chen-Yoshikawa, Kyoto (Japan)
  • 2020: Ilies Bouabdallah, Marseille (France)
  • 2021: Ilhan Inci, Zurich, Switzerland

To stimulate research, ESTS has instituted a Prize for the best presentation on topics of clinical or experimental research in the field of Thoracic Surgery presented by young investigators at the Annual Meeting of the European Society of Thoracic Surgeons.

Candidates for the Prize must:

  • Be the first author of the paper
  • Be under 35 years of age in the year of annual meeting
  • Submit a covering letter to the Executive Secretariat in Exeter, (email) from the Director of Service or Laboratory in the European Institution at which the research programme has been undertaken, indicating the originality of the investigation and the proportion of the work performed by the candidate.
  • Present unpublished work not previously presented at a major scientific meeting.

Past Young Investigator's Award winners:

  • 2007: Juan J Fibla, Barcelona (Spain)
  • 2008: Kai Nowak, Heidelberg (Germany)
  • 2009: Tomasz Marjanski, Gdansk (Poland)
  • 2010: Caroline Rivera, Paris (France)
  • 2011: Stephane Collaud, Zurich (Switzerland)
  • 2012: Cecilia Pompili, Ancona (Italy)
  • 2013: Maria Teresa Gomez-Hernandez, Salamanca (Spain)
  • 2014: Hans Van Veer, Leuven (Belgium)
  • 2015: Raffaele Rocco, Rome (Italy)
  • 2016: Francesco Guerrera, Torino (Italy)
  • 2017: Samina Park, Seoul (Korea)
  • 2018: Alex Fourdrain,  Amiens (France)
  • 2019: Marcin Ostrowski, Gdansk (Poland)
  • 2020: Michael Gooseman, Leeds (UK)
  • 2021: Aina Pons, London (UK)

This Prize is offered to the most interesting case presentation and comes courtesy to a donation  by Covidien Medtronic Healthcare.  The winner is offered free participation to a skill track course.

Past Covidien Medtronic Prize winners:

  • 2007: Antigone Koliopoulo, Athens (Greece)
  • 2008: Cliff Choong, Cambridge (UK)
  • 2009: Attila Vagvolgyi, Budapest (Hungary)
  • 2010: Federico Raveglia, Milan (Italy)
  • 2011: Bastien Orsini, Marseille (France)
  • 2012: Kostas Kostopanagiotou, Leeds (UK)
  • 2013: Hans Van Veer, Leuven (Belgium)
  • 2014: Arthur Kostron, Zurich (Switzerland)
  • 2015: Mohammed Hawari, Leicester (UK)
  • 2016: Roman Vereshchako, Kiev (Ukraine)
  • 2017: Thomas Schweiger, Vienna (Austria)
  • 2017: Matthew  Eguyd, Boston (US).  Free registration to ESTS 2018
  • 2018: Ricardo Terra, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
  • 2019: Yoshifumi Sano, Toon City (Japan)
  • 2019: Andrea Imperatori, Varese (Italy)
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