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Preparation for admission

General advice

There are, at least, 5 important important pieces of advice useful for improving your general wellbeing before any type of surgery:

  1. Eat well. A balanced diet rich in proteins is essential.

  2. Refrain from smoking. In case you need it, you can be referred to the Pulmonology service for smoking cessation counseling 

  3. You will take your usual medication except for those your surgeon and/or your anesthesiologist have advised you to stop taking

  4. Remember to write down the date you took the last dose of anticoagulant or antiplatelet therapy and bring it with you the day of the surgery

  5. Keep active and follow the recommendations on chest physiotherapy exercises 

What should I take with me?

To prepare the belongings to take to the hospital, ask your nurse during the preoperative outpatient consultation. If you could not obtain any specific information, follow these ideas:

Among others, we recommend you prepare:

  • The list of medications you are taking and the last time you took them (Including inhalers)

  • Gown and slippers

  • A basic hygienic kit (Soap, toothbrush and paste, comb…)

  • Something to help you pass the time (book, magazines, etc)

We do not recommend bringing any valuables with you.

Getting to the hospital and staying there

Think about how to get to the hospital on time:

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