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Exercises lying down

Exersise 1

These exercises must be done before getting up and after going to bed and repeated, at least, three times:

  • We separate the leg taking air through the nose slowly and later we put the leg back together blowing air through the mouth with closed lips. Alternate legs.

  • We flex a leg slowly taking air through the nose, later we stretch it by spraying the air through the mouth with closed lips. We alternate the legs.

  • We raise and lower our feet alternately.

  • We raise one of the arms above the head, inhaling deep air and we lower them exhaling the air. We alternate the arms

  • We separate the arm without taking them off the bed, and we take them towards the head without bending the elbow, taking air through the nose. We return to the initial position releasing the air through the mouth. We alternate the arms.

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