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Database Reports

Please click here to view the Database Annual Reports: Silver Books.

To the ESTS database members:
Your own data, collected in a standardized ESTS-endorsed Dataset, can be downloaded at local level (excel file) and used for your internal quality analyses or institutional research purposes.

Participants (including more than 100 patients a year) can propose their own research projects based on the total data present in the database. Projects should be submitted to the ESTS database Committee for peer review and, if accepted, the requested and anonymized data will be provided to the proponent of the project.

ESTS will retain the responsibility for the final analysis and interpretation of results. The proponent of the project will be the first Author of the final manuscript and he/she will be allowed to include, if requested, additional two colleagues, who helped in the elaboration of the manuscript. The members of the Database Committee who contributed to the review process and assisted in the development of the manuscript will be also included in the list of Authors.

As a future project, participants will receive a periodic confidential feedback on the quality of their data and their performance against international benchmarks.

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