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Perioperative respiratory physiotherapy is fundamental to avoid complications in the postoperative period.

With the goal of helping lung function, we recommend a series of measures and exercises that will help recovery.  For complementing those exercises with a complete perioperative routine please visit FISSIOS.

These exercises aim to increase strength and the resistance of both skeletal muscles and respiratory symptoms, decrease dyspnea (choking or difficulty in breathing), prevent postural defects, reduce emotional stress and increase flexibility and thoracic mobility. Next you will see a list of general exercises. Your physiotherapist can recommend some specific exercises for you that are not included.

The frequency and number of repetitions of these exercises will be provided by your physiotherapist or nurse, who will inform you in the case that there is some contraindication for their realization.

Besides, daily walking is also recommended. One hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon is the goal. Try to achieve as much walking activity as you are allowed by your daily schedule.

Do not hesitate to consult any doubt that may arise with your team.

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