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The immediate postoperative period in the hospital

During admission, different professionals will be around helping you recover. This is the time for normalizing your life and detecting possible complications.

Total time of admission is related to the type of surgery, the possibility of removing drains and the existence of postoperative complications. Your doctors will decide when you are ready for discharge after the daily rounds. Probably discharge will be announced to you one day in advance for better coordination.

Normally, you would be discharge without chest drainage. However, prolong air leak is the most frequent complication after lung surgery. Prolong air leak means that air is still escaping from your lung because not a complete pulmonary healing had occurred. In these cases, patients are discharged home with the drainage in placed. If this is the case, you will come back at the outpatient clinics for regular follow up until the drainage is removed

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Several aspects are crucial for a positive outcome after surgery:

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