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Welcome to Patient Information 

Being a patient is not an easy task. You will face daily doubts, fears and unexpected situations. ESTS wants to accompany, clarify and support our patients.

In this section we want to focus on you, the main character of this journey, helping you to manage your illness in a weighted decision process.

In this section you will find relevant information about:

Thoracic Surgery

General Thoracic Surgery is a speciality focused in the treatment of diseases affecting organs in the thorax excluding the heart and great vessels which are treated by Cardiac Surgery, What is Thoracic Surgery?

About your disease.

We hope you find yours. If this is not the case, please, let us know and we will work on it, improving our capacity to reach you and your specific needs.  Find out more information about diseases related to thoracic surgery

About the surgical process.

You are facing one of the most complex possible treatments and we want to let you know general information about it. Find out more about the surgical process

To implement a complete perioperative chest physiotherapy go to Counselling and Useful Apps


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