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Announcing a unique and unprecedented opportunity for ESTS members.  A Clinical trial Platform has been created in order to enhance clinical trial activity within Thoracic Surgery. The aim is to identify areas of interest for clinical trials in thoracic surgery and support our membership in the process of designing and facilitating the take-off by helping to select and connect to potential centers.

The faculty members of implementation consortium for the trial platform are listed below:
o    Servet Bolukbas, Essen/Germany
o    Alessandro Brunelli, Leeds/UK
o    Eric Lim, London/UK
o    Nuria Novoa, Madrid/Spain
o    Isabelle Opitz, Zurich/Switzerland
o    Gaetano Rocco, New York/USA
o    Brendon Stiles, New York/USA
o    Zalan Szanto, Pecs/Hungary

If you are in the planning or have foreseen to plan a Multicenter trial, please fill the application form in the link below until 1st of May 2022 and send it to Sue Hesford. Executive Director  ( The Consortium will review the applications until the Annual Meeting in The Hague, and announce the trial to be supported. 

Application letter and Requirements:
•    Submission deadline 1st of May 2022.
•   The main applicant must be an ESTS member.
•    At least one of the participating centers should be an ESTS Accredited Centre.
•   Topics for prospective trials in the field of thoracic surgery
o    Thoracic oncology
o    Quality improvement
o    Transplantation
o    Airway surgery
o    Perioperative care
o    Translational Research

We believe this platform will motivate our members to submit high-quality clinical research proposals. ESTS will continue to promote research and education and provide opportunities to our fellow members. 

 Application form - Applications closed 1 May 2022