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Biology Club Fellowship 2023, Leuven, Belgium
Rene Novysedlák, Prague, Czech Republic
Biology Club Fellowship 2022, London, UK
Ahmed Elkhouly, Tanta, Egypt
Biology Club Fellowship 2021
Biology Club Fellowship 2020, Leuven, Belgium
Elena Prisciandaro, Milan, Italy
Biology Club Fellowship 2019, Zurich, Switzerland
Biology Club Fellowship 2018, Zurich, Switzerland
Laurens Ceulemans, Leuven, Belgium
Biology Club Fellowship 2017, Zurich, Switzerland
Masaki Hashimoto, Nishinomiya, Japan
Biology Club Fellowship 2016, Wurzburg, Germany
Max Lacour, Zurich, Switzerland
Biology Club Fellowship 2015, Zurich, Switzerland
Carlson Aruldas, St Petersburg, Russia
Biology Club Fellowship 2014, Vienna, Austria
Balázs Gieszer, Budapest, Hungary


ESTS Biology Club Fellowship 2024

Applications Closed 1 March 2024


The Biology Club Fellowship is offered for 4-6 months to young thoracic surgeons to focus on research. The aim is for surgeons to acquire a deeper insight and special knowledge of clinical, translational or basic science research concepts or techniques in the field of thoracic surgery or lung transplantation.

The applicants can choose from a list of research projects, proposed by ESTS accredited thoracic centers. An applicant may also apply for a with a project from this list to be undertaken at his or her home institution, if the applicant is entitled secured time to perform the research.

Grant amount

16.000 EUR to support the salary of the fellow

Eligibility criteria

  • Trainee/fellow in Thoracic Surgery
  • Adequate skills in English
  • Applicant must be a member of ESTS
  • The program is open to both European and non-European based candidates
  • After completion of the fellowship, the applicant must send a report to the ESTS


Application and Selection process

The Biology Club Chairs (Olivia Lauk, Brendon Stiles, Laurens Ceulemans), the ESTS President-Elect and Director of Education Nuria Novoa, the Secretary-General Hasan Batirel and the Treasurer Servet Bolukbas will review the applications and will choose the candidate based on their letter-of-intent and CV.

For the application, a letter-of-intent, CV and supporting letter from the home institution is needed.

It is allowed and encouraged for the applicants to contact the institute of their choice before applying.

Applicants should indicate their preference of project: 


Results generated from the research projects are encouraged to be published in the European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery. Fellowship awardees are expected to write a final report.


Short listed candidates for the Fellowship will be expected to present an overview of their proposed project during the Biology Club session at the 32nd ESTS Conference in Barcelona, Spain, 26-28 May 2024

Applications closed Friday 1 March 2024 

Please send applications to:

Sue Hesford, Executive Director



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