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Chest Trauma

Chest trauma is one affecting the thorax, the lungs, heart, great vessels and the rest of intrathoracic structures.

The most common causes are motor vehicle accidents and falls.

It can be closed (the most frequent) or open (When skin, muscles or bone structures are affected).

For better outcomes, and to avoid chest trauma related complications, it is important to address it properly to detect related injuries and to treat them as needed.


  • If not properly diagnosed and treated, chest trauma can be fatal in 20-30% of the patients

  • It's complications can also lead to mortality in 20-25% of the cases (Making it´s prevention, detection and treatment mandatory)

  • Between 70 and 80% of chest trauma life threatening injuries can be controlled with appropriate treatment

  • Less than 15% of chest traumas require any surgical treatment in their management


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