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ESTS Learning Affairs Committee

Disclosures 2020-2021 Committee for Learning Affairs

Committee Roster

Member Office Term of Office
Hasan Fevzi Batirel Chair 2017-2021
Enrico Ruffini President 2019-2021
Alessandro Brunelli Secretary General 2012-2021
Isabelle Opitz Treasurer 2017-2021
Gaetano Rocco Editor - 2021
Apostolos Agrafiotis Member 2020-2022
Jalal Assouad Member 2017-2021
Niccolo Daddi Member 2019-2021
Lieven Depypere Member 2018-2021
Olivia Lauk Member 2018-2021
Nuria Valentín Member 2018-2021
Sue Hesford Member -
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