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ESTS Observership/Fellowship 2022

Applications Closed  Tuesday 1 March 2022
Host Institutions

An ESTS Observership/Fellowship is offered for 12 months to early career thoracic surgeons on an academic track wishing to acquire surgical skills by observership or participation in a program. 

Grant amount

60.000 EUR for one year

Eligibility criteria

ESTS Member
Surgeons in Training or in first years after specialization for thoracic surgery
Adequate skills in English
Open to European and non-European based candidates.
After the fellowship, the candidate shall return to her/his home institution to apply the acquired skills; at the home institution appropriate facilities and resources must be available.


Applicants must submit their CV, log book, bibliography and area of interest. 

Selection Process

The Committee for Learning Affairs will review the applications and choose the candidate based on the type of surgical skill required.

Observership awardees are expected to write a final summary and a financial report

Host Institutions - please indicate your preference at the time of application