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7th International Uniportal VATS Course - Endorsed by ESTS

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Welcome to the “7th International Uniportal VATS Course - Live Surgery, Drylab and Wetlab”. This is a three-day-masterclass symposium jointly organized by the Ernst von Bergmann Academic Hospital of the Humboldt-Universität Berlin Charité in Potsdam, Germany together with the University Hospital Charité in Berlin, Germany, the University Hospital in Coruña, Spain and the Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital, Tongji University Shanghai, China.

This symposium - originally planned for June 18th-20th, 2020, then first rescheduled to June 10th-12th, 2021 - has been rescheduled to June 30th - July 2nd, 2022, due to the ongoing pandemic. It will take place in Potsdam, Germany and will address “Troubleshooting” in Uniportal VATS through lectures, discussions and video sessions on the first day. The first part of the second day will include Live Surgery of major pulmonary resections via Uniportal VATS, and the second part will be a drylab (Lung model, ENB and Robotics). The third day of this symposium is a Hands-on class (Wetlab) for a limited group.

VENUE - Day 1 + 2
Villa Bergmann | Conference Center
Berliner Straße 62 | 14467 Potsdam

VENUE - Day 3  
Wendisch Rietz 
Medizin im Grünen - Medical Center of Excellence

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Or Contact Mrs Miko Schmitt, Course Co-ordinator