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Call to ESTS Centers - Biology Club Fellowship 2024

For the ESTS Biology Club Fellowship 2024 we invite all ESTS centers to propose one or several research projects from which potential Biology Club Applicants can choose.
The aim of the fellowship is for junior clinicians/researchers to focus 4-6 months on a specific research topic (clinical, translational or basic science). The ESTS offers 16.000 EUR to cover the income of the fellow during this period. The funding for the research should be provided by the host institution.
A fellowship can be performed at the home institution if the applicant is entitled secured time to perform the research.
The timing of the research stay can be discussed with the applicant and should be planned between July 2024 and December 2025.
One fellowship will be awarded. The applicants are free to choose from all proposed research projects.
For the research proposal we ask a title, name of the supervisor and short summary of 5-10 lines. Please send this outline to
Sue Hesford, ESTS Executive Director,  by Friday 22 December 2023.
The candidates will contact you in preparation of their application.
Hasan F Batirel                                Chairs of the Biology Club
Secretary General                            Laurens Ceulemans, Olivia Lauk, Brendon Stiles


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Call to ESTS Centers - Biology Club Fellowship 2024 image