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Grandfather Clause for EBTS Certification

Grandfather Clause for EBTS Certification

Dear Colleagues,

The UEMS Section for Thoracic Surgery, with support of the European Board of Thoracic Surgery (EBTS), has decided to open a “Grandfather Clause” for EBTS certification.

The motivation is to attract experienced colleagues who are well established in their practice, but who were not in the possibility to pass the examination shortly after graduation. It appears obvious that passing an examination in the latter category might be felt as inappropriate.

The application period however will be limited in its duration in order to avoid a progressive bypass of the examination by recently graduated colleagues.

This Grandfather clause will be considered in a time gap starting in January 2017 and closing in December 2018. Eligibility criteria, which have been discussed and validated by the UEMS Section of Thoracic Surgery, are presented in the addendum 2.

Information regarding regulations as well as application form can be retrieved at

Addendum : Regulations of the Grand Father Clause

1. Eligibility criteria

- National Diploma of Specialist in thoracic surgery or Cardiothoracic surgery issued in a UEMS member state (and Switzerland or Norway, and countries with observer status), or a diploma allowing to practice thoracic surgery in Belgium and Luxembourg.
- Official authorization for practice of thoracic surgery, in a UEMS member state
- At least 10 years of experience in independent practice of thoracic surgery
- Regular practice of thoracic surgery with a minimum of 100 thoracic operations of an acceptable mixture per year
- Engaged in a life-long-learning process and to have participated at least once a year in a National or European conference in Thoracic Surgery, or have participated in at least 1 educational event organized by a European Society.

2. Window for applications

Period for applications is limited to 2 years, starting 1St of January, 2017, ending December 31st, 2018, in order to avoid bypassing EBTS examination

3. Fee

The application fee is set at 800 €. It should be paid by wire transfer to
IBAN  BE42 0016 9294 6454
Prove of payment must be uploaded onto the application form at the time of submission.

4. Publications

Though EBTS is not an academic degree, at least 5 publications or presentations as first, second or last author should materialize a minimal scientific interest

5. EBTS being a labelling of professional practice, the following criteria are considered non essential, but represent an added value:

- university affiliation
- active clinical, translational or fundamental research
- organisation of scientific or educational events
- participation in a national or European database
- implication in scientific or professional societies/organizations

6. Application form is accessible only on line . The following document must be uploaded (please prepare a single scanned document for each item):

- Motivation letter highlighting professional achievements
- Copy of passport
- Copy of National Diploma & working permit
- Full updated CV
- 2 recommendation letters by board-certified peers
- Attestation by both the General Director of the Hospital and the Head of Department to prove 10 years of autonomous practice
- List of operations for the past 3 years, certified by the General Director of the Hospital and Head of Department
- Certificates of attendance to conferences and educational events for the past 5 years.
- Application fee of 800 € must be paid at the time of application (AISBL UEMS/S.THORACIC SURG, IBAN BE42 0016 9294 6454) and prove of payment must be uploaded. Only files with paid application fee will be submitted to the peer review process.
- All documents must be accompanied by a translation into English by a sworn-in translator an officially signed and stamped.

7. Certification process

The file will be submitted to a peer review process after payment of the application fee.
Unsuccessful candidates will be refunded 400 € ; the remaining amount covers administrative cost.
Peer-reviewed and accepted applications will be validated at the meetings of the UEMS Section for Thoracic Surgery

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