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ESTS Women in General Thoracic Surgery Committee (EWGTS)

The ESTS Women in General Thoracic Surgery Committee is a joint effort from female leaders across different countries and cultures to dedicate, encourage, enable and inspire women to fulfil their surgical career ambitions.

As a European Organization, we are aware that the experiences in developing a thoracic surgical career may be completely different and difficult to compare. For this reason, we would like to bring together various role models at different stage of their careers to be an example for all the membership. We would also like to formally develop mentorship programmes and networking amongst peers.

Specific Aims:

  • Advocate increased diversity in general thoracic surgery across Europe.
  • Work towards an understanding of the issues facing women in general thoracic surgery in the context of different cultural backgrounds.
  • Provide advice, guidance, and pastoral support for those women already in this surgical field and those considering entering it.
  • Create a social-media based networking platform to encourage female colleagues to seek mutual support and exchange opinions with peers and senior colleagues.
  • Collaborate with other similar international organizations in order to enhance educational opportunities for female thoracic surgeons.
  • Introduce sponsored mentorship programmes and scholarships in Institutions where women have led their way.

The Committee seeks an active participation from ESTS members. If you would like to be involved as a Mentor or participate in the initiatives falling within the WGTS remit, please email:

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Twitter: #EWGTS

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