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Death of Mikhail Perelman

The Society has learned with great sadness of the death of pioneering Russian thoracic surgeon and Honorary ESTS member Mikhail Perelman on 23rd March 2013.

Mikhail Perelman was born on 20th December 1924, and graduated high school on 21st June 1941, the day before Nazi forces invaded the USSR.  In 1949 he bacame the first surgeon in the Soviet Union to ligate a patent ductus.  From 1962-1981 he worked and taught at the Russian Centre for Surgery.  From 1982 until his death he served as Director of the Russian Institute of Phthisiopulmonology.  He had a highly productive academic career, supervising over 100 dissertations, and publishing over 250 journal articles.

A strong advocate of cooperation between Russian and European thoracic surgeons, he was awarded honorary fellowship of the Society in Valladolid.

A short presentation on his career and achievements is available here.


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