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Call for ESTS Biology Club Zurich Fellowship reopen until 1 June 2017

ESTS Zurich Research Fellowship
A research fellowship is offered to young scientists and clinicians to visit the Division of Thoracic Surgery; University Hospital Zurich, Head Professor Dr. Walter Weder, with the aim of learning or getting an insight into a research concept or technique not available in the home unit. The home unit should benefit from the research training when the applicant returns, by leading to research developments and activities back onsite. It may offer the opportunity of additional clinical training.

Grant amounts
10.000,- EUR
includes salary and project costs; travel expenses will be reimbursed (maximum 500 EUR)

Eligibility criteria
Postdoctoral candidate (M.D. in training for thoracic surgery)
Upper age limit 40
Adequate skills in a English or German
Applicant must be member of ESTS
On completion of the Fellowship, applicant must return to Home Unit to apply the acquired skills; appropriate facilities, resources and funds at the Home Unit must be available
The program is open to both European and non-European based candidates to apply.

Application process
The applications will be reviewed by the Biology Club members (Isabelle Opitz, Gaetano Rocco, and Thorsten Walles), Walter Weder and the Director of Education Gilbert Massard.

The applicant must submit a defined project along with his/her CV and bibliography. For the fellowship additional documents from the candidate’s Unit and a supporting letter from the home Unit are needed. The research project submitted can be in the field of LVRS for emphysema surgery (clinical project), oncology (mesothelioma – lung cancer – clinical or translational project) or transplantation research (EVLP – clinical / experimental project, or pulmonary hypertension). Staff members will supervise the project in respect to their expertise.

A statement of the candidate’s Educational Supervisor should confirm that facilities, funds, and resources will be made possible upon the fellows return.

Selection process
The candidate will be chosen by the Biology Club (Isabelle Opitz, Gaetano Rocco, and Thorsten Walles), Gilbert Massard and Walter Weder based on the originality and feasibility of the project.  The benefit of the project to the candidate’s career and Home Institution and the added value to research are equally assessed.

Results of the projects are encouraged to be published in the European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery. Fellowship applicants are expected to write a final report as well as a financial report.

Applications to be sent by Thursday 1 June 2017 to:
Sue Hesford, Executive Director, ESTS

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