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ESTS Webinar - COVID 19

Wednesday 22 April 2020  13:00 hours CET
Update on current practice  - ESTS Survey and lessons learnt from our Chinese colleagues
Niccolo Daddi, Lanjun Zhang, Junfeng Liu and Yuming Zhu

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Lieven Depypere: Introduction

Niccolo Daddi: Update on current practice: first results of the COVID-19 ESTS survey

Lanjun Zhang: Deviations of cancer pathways during the pandemic: how to prepare and assess a lung resection patient in the COVID-19 period?

Junfeng Liu: Risk assessment and protection: the (increased) risk of surgery for the patient and the risk of exposure to COVID-19 for surgeons and staff. How to protect a team?

Yuming Zhu: Perioperative management of patients during the pandemic: Management of chest drains, postoperative mortality and examples of cases performed in China.

The webinar will be followed by an interactive Q and A discussion.

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