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Medtronic-ESTS Women in General Thoracic Surgery Committee (WGTS) Academy

ESTS/Women in General Thoracic Surgery Committee (WGTS) agreed on the proposal of an ESTS WGTS Academy to offer a great opportunity to further develop and integrate the education of female thoracic surgeons.

The purpose of this Academy will be to support female early-career general thoracic surgeons to gain exposure to women thoracic surgeon mentors and have access to educational resources that have been tailored to the needs expressed in the ESTS/EACTS Gender Bias Survey in terms of leadership, mentorship, and research training. The Academy will be focusing on early career thoracic surgeons wishing to acquire surgical skills by a mixed scheduled of in-person networking, live webinars and observership on participation in a structured gender-balanced Academy.

ESTS Women in General Thoracic Surgery - Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation, Copenhagen, Denmark
7 - 8 December 2022